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Based on KhazarTransfo Company experiences in design and manufacture of 25000 rectifiers in more than 40 years, KimiaCurrent Company founded to present electrochemical DC power supplies to meet industrial demands. Thanks to reliable modern technology and lean manufacturing techniques beside cooperation with technical universities and research institutes, KimiaCurrent achieved an elegant result in supplying electrochemical rectifiers for industries in a short time.
KimiaCurrent product range covers following process:
- Metal extraction using electrowinning method
- Production hypochlorite sodium using electrochlorination method
- Wastewater treatment using electrocoagulation method
- Heavy metal removal from drinking water using plasma cavitations method
- Plasma generation using non-transfer plasma torches
-Heat treatment using induction heating method
- Hydrogen production using electrolysis
though we meet industrial demands of power plants, petrochemical and refining plants, metal extraction units and etc.


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